architecture and light


We Know Restaurants.
From the Inside Out.

Truly successful restaurant architecture does more than look good. It works. We've created successful architecture for restaurant projects all over the world, from the most exclusive dining establishments and casual dinner houses to quick-serve kiosks. But what makes Architecture & Light's Hospitality Design Studio so unique is the depth of restaurant knowledge . . . knowledge that comes from A&L principal and Hospitality Studio Director Mark Stevens. In addition to being a talented and highly experienced restaurant architect, Mark has spent more than 15 years in the restaurant business as Vice President of Development for Il Fornaio and Director of Planning for Spectrum Foods. It's this experience that has given us such an extraordinary perspective on everything from site selection, planning and programming to design and construction. Under Mark's leadership, A&L's Hospitality Studio creates innovative designs that take into account operational, economic and marketing considerations virtually unknown to most restaurant designers. And because lighting is such an important part of hospitality design, Mark works in close cooperation with A&L's award-winning Lighting Design Studio to provide clients with yet another benefit other firms simply can't offer. Architecture & Light. Because every restaurant project can benefit from a design firm that knows restaurants. Not just from the ground up, but from the inside out.


Great Lighting Brings Architecture to Life.

It establishes visual hierarchy and defines structure and space, creating interest, influencing mood and providing the appropriate visual environment while completing and elevating the overall architectural experience.

When lighting of this quality is seamlessly integrated into fine architecture, the result is nothing short of magic. Seamless integration can only be achieved when the lighting designer is able to share the architect's vision. We have this ability because we're more than lighting designers. Our Lighting Team is educated and experienced in lighting, fine art, architecture and construction. We speak the language of design collaboration, maximizing the opportunities for creative inspiration. In addition to our lighting design practice, we also have a specialized architecture studio, with which our lighting designers work regularly, providing ongoing experience in architectural integration. Working in both arenas never causes conflict because we don't compete with our lighting clients for architecture commissions and deeply respect existing architect-client relationships. A&L's award-winning Lighting Studio has a track record of delivering great lighting on literally hundreds of projects through close client collaboration and unexpected contributions of art, science and architectural insight. The result: innovative lighting that fulfills architects' visions. Visions that come alive. As if by magic.